KAAP: Blanc by NEXT Architects

KAAP: Blanc

At the unique location on the banks of the IJ in Amsterdam-Noord, the residential tower Blanc is being realised. The tower consists of 18 apartments, each located on one of the corners, with different panoramic views along the IJ and the skyline of the city.

The alternating balconies fan out to all sides of the building and give a sense of space and freedom. Blanc is part of the KAAP project, which consists of five different residential towers with apartments directly on the IJ. Located right in the middle, Blanc takes a prominent place in the area.

The omnidirectional building provides a different perspective from every side and the double-height entrance sets the tone of the building. A park surrounding the residential towers will be constructed in the upcoming years, containing a special glass pavilion that was also designed by NEXT.

The circular glass pavilion, made entirely of materials from Amsterdam and the surrounding area, makes space for a suitable catering facility and creates a unique contrast with the green surroundings. Blanc is located in a unique part of Amsterdam, with a rich industrial past.

The building has a sturdy character due to the use of concrete, but the slim detailing, the specific colour, and the structure of concrete give it a modern twist. The concrete has a yellow glow, changing the appearance of the building when the sun hits it.

The building’s warm appearance is reminiscent of a sunset, which residents and passengers can experience throughout the day. This is one of the main ideas behind the design. The apartments are equipped with perforated panels that filter the bright sunlight and convert it into a pleasant warm light. The pattern of the perforations of the panels is abstract.

They evoke the feeling of sunlight falling through a layer of leaves and provide privacy. Living in Blanc offers a combination of peace, space, and liveliness. The extra-large balconies take a central position in the design; the spacious terraces unfold to all sides of the building.

To all sides, there is an unobstructed view, but at the same time, privacy is provided by the panels. The enormous glass sliding doors and the diagonal lines ensure a smooth transition from inside to outside. Source by NEXT Architects.

  • Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Architect: NEXT Architects
  • Design Team: Bart Reuser, Marijn Schenk, Michel Schreinemachers met Esmee Bais, Marcel Geerdink, Karolina Bihun, Mark Spijkerman
  • Collaborators: Orange Architects, Powerhouse Company
  • Client: COD and Amvest
  • Images: Courtesy of NEXT Architects