L House

The project is an exploration of the bottom line of the contemporary living context for urban citizens. Creating such a natural, harmonious, and relaxed state in the heart of the city, AD ARCHITECTURE rethinks luxury villas in this project.

L House is located inside a luxury neighborhood on a small island at the mouth of the sea, along the river to the east. The L-shaped architectural layout results in endless river views in the core living and functional space. Staying in the villa is more like standing on a viewing platform by the river to enjoy the sunshine and air.

The silent building, with the power of quietness and a pure white tone, makes everything around as the wind, water, trees, sunlight, birds, and fishing boats become the beauty with sound.

The dwellers are the protagonists of the home, and the space does not exist as an independent entity. Instead, space and people depend on each other. We hope the space is self-oriented to convey an individual personality.

Natural flow outside
The basement of the villa should not be black, which is our attitude towards the exterior space of the building. We inserted a swimming pool with an atrium above it, to bring the sunlight and air from the outside to the reception space on the basement floor. The flowing water, light, and wind create a natural sense of fluidity and an open, transparent space experience.

Generation of function
Stairs are the circulation route that runs through the overall space, also as the emotional transition from the open and extroverted to the private and introverted.

With the living room on the ground floor as the space center, the two staircases upwards connect to form the living room on the second and third floors, and the stairs downwards directly link the ground living room to the reception space on the basement floor.

The pure white achieves a silent and pure relationship between the living and reception areas in a single architectural space. When considering the planning of the living space and the reception space, we tried to vertically divide the relationship of the two areas in the same building.

Restraint and retreat
Home is gentle, giving people the power of peace and ease. The existence of space is quiet and elegant. Although the space has been intervened with design, it appears harmonious and modest as what it should look like.

The overall space is restrained, which is also reflected in the design language, who gives more space to the occupants. The space is an incomplete form of completion and continuity of fun.

Attitude towards home
In residential space, simplicity is not the ultimate goal. Based on the practicality of space, we pay more attention to the relationship between man and nature in space, the living status and emotional appeal at home, privacy and sense of security, and the character and quality of people and the home.

These are the concerns of AD ARCHITECTURE as exploring the design of luxury homes. Tranquility, harmony, sunshine, and fresh air, these are the beauty of home that we want to express. Source by AD ARCHITECTURE.

  • Location: Guangdong, China
  • Architect: AD ARCHITECTURE
  • Chief Designer: Xie Peihe
  • Main Materials: Stone, handmade paint, micro-cement, timber flooring, baking varnish
  • Project Area: 1,500 m2
  • Completion Time: January 2023
  • Photographs: Ouyang Yun, Courtesy of AD ARCHITECTURE