Enea’s Route by MAU Architecture

Enea's Route

The Government of Albania has received financing from the World Bank toward the cost of the Project for Integrated Urban and Tourism Development (PIUTD), and intends to apply part of the proceeds for consulting services.

“Detailed Designs and Construction Supervision for Infrastructure for Viewpoints along the Touristic Circuit in Southern Albania”, executed by MAU Architecture and F&M Engineering, and commissioned by Albanian Development Fund (ADF) and World Bank, is an initiative aimed at promoting the economy and tourism development in southern Albania.

Project objectives include the selection and design of tourist sites, including infrastructure, to enhance the visitor experience, as well as the creation of a connected route along the tourism corridor in southern Albania that offers tourists a unique cultural and natural experiential journey.

The selection of places to build the viewpoints and their design were the result of a careful and meticulous exploratory activity that involved the analysis and selection of site,

The overall goal of the project is to offer an engaging and meaningful tourist experience that enhances the cultural, economic and natural heritage of the entire region. In terms of tourism development strategy, the project aims to highlight the potential of southern Albania by enhancing its identity and uniqueness, preserving the characteristics of the existing territories, stimulating the development of tourist clusters, such as agri-tourism, eco-tourism and sea-sun tourism, in the region.

Overall, the project represents a virtuous initiative fundamental to stimulate the economic and tourist development of the southern Albania region and constitutes a significant added value for the European tourist circuit. Source by MAU Architecture.

  • Location: Southern Albania
  • Architect: MAU Architecture
  • F&M Engineering: Coordinator of design processes
  • KKG Project: Geological investigations Topographic survey
  • Environmental investigations – Archaeological Expert: Eng.Sonila Llupo
  • Year: 2023
  • Images and phptos: Courtesy of MAU Architecture