Stadsljus by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter & Arkitema


Stadsljus (City Lights) proposal is a fantastic opportunity to develop a unique place to live in Stockholm.

This is a building type that in many ways, if developed correctly, can represent a future form of housing that has social, humanistic, and societal sustainability.

The project’s identity is anchored in different scales – from Stockholm’s outline down to the individual apartment type with its inherent qualities.

The architectural expression is closely linked to the history and depth of time of the gas clocks as well as to Stockholm’s special character and atmosphere.

The uniqueness of the place – genius loci – has been a foundation for the architectural expression and the design choices. We have strived to strengthen and develop the place’s identity and underpin the area’s own nature.

The result is a building that can be read as a whole, together with the city and its surroundings. Form, function, content, and context in interaction. Source by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter and Arkitema.