Ceci by Space Encounters


Real estate developer Being has secured the tender for Plot 2E in Zuidas, Amsterdam. Teaming up with architect Space Encounters, they present ‘Ceci n’est pas une maison’, or simply ‘Ceci’, an innovative residential complex with a blend of amenities, art, and culture. ‘Ceci’ promises to inject a sense of wonder into the predominantly business-oriented Zuidas district.

Immersive design
The design for ‘Ceci’ draws inspiration from the elegance of a pearl, featuring horizontal, curved projections in a luminous, pearlescent palette. It harmoniously blends with its urban and waterfront surroundings, displaying a refined aesthetic along Gustav Mahlerlaan and a more dynamic presence by the Jaddanbaikade.

With a double-height base, engaging architecture, and captivating light art installations, ‘Ceci’ transforms its ground floor into a vibrant public space, where art, culture, science, and commerce converge.

Furthermore, ‘Ceci’ offers an urban sanctuary by seamlessly integrating lush greenery on balconies, rooftop terraces, and even an ‘underground forest’ within the bicycle parking area.

In terms of sustainability, ‘Ceci’ sets the bar high with its robust structure and energy-efficient design, incorporating solar panels and prominently showcasing a wooden support structure, both externally and internally.

Situated within the innovation district and emerging residential area of Kenniskwartier in Zuidas, ‘Ceci’ is poised to become a vibrant addition to the neighborhood, offering a mix of free-sector homes and commercial spaces.

For this plan, Being collaborated with esteemed partners such as Space Encounters, MOSS, DGMR, IMD Raadgevende Ingenieurs, SkaaL, Children of the Light, and Space & Mertens.

Construction of ‘Ceci’ is anticipated to commence in mid-2025, with completion expected by late 2026. Source and images Courtesy of Space Encounters.