SOULS by Cosimo Scotucci


For the people of Gaza. Civil casualities account for 90% in wartime. 29.000 Palestinians civils have already been killed in the Gaza Strip. Mostly women and children.

It is the normal people that actually pay the consequences of war, more than the soldiers, more than the politicians more than the lords of war.

As human we have the responsibility to bear witnesses to what is happening in Gaza. As human beings we must advocate for peace, and we must imperativly condemn war, any war! Can art foster global cooperation? Can we speak for justice?

SOULS is the first urban pavilion at Giardini della Biennale, a place where many nations meet, a place visited by hundreds of thousends of people over a few months: the perfect stage to send a global message.

A constellation of luminescent pebbles scattered on the public paths charge during the day, absorbing the incoming radiation from the sun to release it at night, lighting up like candles, uniting nations and the visitors of La Biennale in plea for peace.

SOULS aim to unite nations and their people against war, celebrating peace and life, reminding the World that we are brothers and sisters rather than strangers. Source and images Courtesy of Cosimo Scotucci.