TRANSFER Architecture Video Award 2023

TRANSFER Architecture Video Award

The TRANSFER Architecture Video Award announced the winners of its third edition at a ceremony held on February, 22 in the framework of the film festival Écrans Urbains 2024, at the Espace Amaretto in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Due to the high quality of the videos, their relevance and the diversity of their different approaches, the jury of the TRANSFER Architecture Video Award has decided to award 4 winners ex aequo and 2 honourable mentions.

  • Wrapping a Room by Ana Herreros, The Berlage, Netherlands, 2021
  • Material World – STEEL: Iron Tail, Iron Tale by Charlotte Malterre-Barthes, Severin Barenbold, Elif Erez, Shira Grosman, US, 2021
  • Robin Hood Gardens: A Brief History by Joe Gilbert, UK, 2021
  • Subdivided Lives: Portraits from the Kathmandu Valley by Joshua Bolchover and Kent Mundle (District Development Unit), Nepal, 2024
  • SONOROUS – Kampus Südpol Musik by Dominik Gehring & Tobias Kaufmann, Switzerland, 2022
  • Scenes of a House by Studio GROSS, Japan, 2021

The jury and the organisers warmly congratulate the awarded, finalist and shortlisted videos and invite you to discover them in TRANSFER Global Architecture Platform.

The TRANSFER Architecture Video Award is an international biennial prize launched in 2019, to recognize the most innovative short films in the field of architecture, city or landscape.

The Award aims to explore the potential of the short video format, linked to the contemporary digital means of communication, as a tool for analysis, expression and critical reflection on our built environment.

The first three editions of the Award – 2019, 2021 and 2023 – attracted the participation of over 450 videos from more than 50 countries. Source by TRANSFER.