AI Designed and Built by STUD-IO + Arturo Tedeschi + Wies Offsite

AI Designed and Built

As artificial intelligence continues to permeate industries like architecture, engineering, and construction, designers are now generating astonishing concepts of intricate structures and buildings.

Yet, a natural question arises: can these designs transition from the digital realm to reality? The resounding answer: Yes. The concept image was created by computational designer Arturo Tedeschi, who is at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of AI tools in the design process.

He conducted a series of design explorations using Midjourney and Stable Diffusion and it turned the image into a 3D mesh model by using an algorithmic-based edge detector completed by a triangulation algorithm and manual refinement.

To build a model of such complexity, the software StudFinder by STUD-IO was used. This intelligent fabrication tool streamlined the process of modeling and detailing, ensuring precision in the creation of the mockup.

STUD-IO’s software understands fabrication and assembly constraints, and it automatically generates manufacturable solutions for a given design.

The software generated machine files for a FrameCAD steel stud roll forming machine located at Wies Offsite, an offsite construction company based in St. Louis, Missouri. Wies Offsite fabricated and assembled the complex frames for this mockup in a single day.

This efficiency is notably remarkable, especially considering the precision and customization required to ensure that all components seamlessly fit together into the precise 3D shape of the design.

This project exemplifies the growing significance and utility of AI and parametric tools in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. It showcases how AI extends beyond the realm of generating visual representations of conceptual designs, playing a pivotal role from initial design phases to construction implementation. Source by STUD-IO + Arturo Tedeschi + Wies Offsite.