Quin Pavilion by IDEE architects

Quin Pavilion

Quin Pavilion serves as a serene retreat nestled amidst a small forest enclave for the campers, offering a picturesque vista of the Ba Vi mountain range, a rural expanse proximate to Hanoi.

Enveloped by verdant foliage and verdant meadows, the Quin Pavilion fosters an immersive communion with nature.

Embracing the undulating terrain, the pavilion’s design encompasses a meandering wooden pathway encircling the woodland and an outdoor pool where campers can unwind, swim, and rejuvenate.

The facility also includes bathing and restroom facilities.

Sensitively attuned to its natural milieu, the structure features a delicate canopy supported by slender columns, affording boundless vistas of the surrounding landscape.

Its form draws inspiration from nature, evoking the ephemeral allure of rainwater pools on grass or clouds atop hillsides, harmonizing with the topography of the hillock and the surrounding flora.

Crafted from lightweight materials, with a stainless steel roof exuding a lustrous sheen that reflects the natural panorama, the pavilion seamlessly integrates into its environs by day, yet commands attention at twilight.

Constructed under constraints of limited resources and remote locale, the architect judiciously employed lightweight, prefabricated materials complemented by indigenous elements such as wood, stone, and brick, tailored to the skillset of local craftsmen.

  • Location: Thạch Thất, Hà Nội, Việt Nam
  • Architect: IDEE architects
  • Project Team: Trần Ngọc Linh, Thẩm Đức Hùng, Trần Chu Thiện
  • Design year: 2023
  • Photographs: Triệu Chiến, Courtesy of IDEE architects