01 Máximapark by West8

The concept for the park, to be constructed in a new residential district of 35.000 homes to the west of Utrecht, is based on creating three ‘edges’ that shield the park from its suburban surroundings.

02 Máximapark by West8

The edges consist of a re-excavated meander of the River Rhine, a nine-kilometer long ecological zone and a four kilometer long pergola around the core of the park.

03 Máximapark by West8

The core is a 50-hectare green courtyard, called ‘Binnenhof’. It contains woods, water courses, pedestrian areas, playground and formal avenues which create a secluded green inner world that can be entered only through gateways.

04 Máximapark by West8

The surrounding six meter high pergola is a fauna wall, which will attract all kinds of animals and plants, thus creating its own miniature ecosystem.

05 Máximapark by West8

There is a cemetery also, that lies on higher grounds surrounded by water and the pergola.

06 Máximapark by West8

Surrounding the core are sports fields, allotment gardens and other facilities which are linked by a linear park of flowery meadows, ‘The Jac P. Thijsse Ribbon’.

07 Máximapark by West8

Hikers, cyclists and skaters can move through this circuit park over a track that offers them constantly changing perspectives.

08 Máximapark by West8

The park is essential to counterbalance the inescapable sea of houses and puts its mono-functional character into perspective.

09 Máximapark by West8

Above all the park will offer a factor of growth. With its consciously chosen long-term lifecycle it will grow beyond the eternal youth of the suburban environment.

10 Máximapark by West8

The design for Máximapark (formerly known as Leidsche Rijn Park) was the outcome of a design competition held in 1997.

12 Máximapark by West8
11 Máximapark by West8 

14 Máximapark by West8
13 Máximapark by West8 

16 Máximapark by West8
15 Máximapark by West8 

Location: Utrecht, Holland

Landscape Architects: West8

Project Team: Adriaan Geuze, Edzo Bindels, Robert Schütte, Ard Middeldorp, Cyrus Clark, Edwin van der Hoeven, Esther Kruit, Freek Boerwinkel, Fritz Coetzee, Gaspard Estourgie, Jacco Stuy, Jeroen de Willigen, Joost Koningen, Joost Emmerik, Joris Hekkenberg, Kees Schoot, Maarten Buijs, Martin Biewenga, Nigel Sampey, Perry Maas, Pieter Hoen, Ronald van Nugteren

Competition: 1997

Year: 2013

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