01 Museum for Architectural Drawing by SPEECH

Founded as recently as late 2009, the Tchoban Foundation has already achieved much. The founder is a passionate draftsman and a collector of historic architectural drawings.02 Museum for Architectural Drawing by SPEECH

The foundation plans to promote classical training in draftsmanship among talented young architects, and will be making the founder’s considerable collection available for study purposes. A second explicit aim of the foundation, however, is to present the imaginative and emotionally-charged world of the architectural drawing to a broad public through events and exhibitions.
03 Museum for Architectural Drawing by SPEECH

The building is set on the Pfefferberg, the premises of a former brewery, located at Christinenstraße 18 in Prenzlauer Berg in the Berlin district of Pankow. The grounds were developed in 1848 for the Pfefferberg Brewery, and have a variegated history. Accommodated in the buildings – most of them enjoying protected landmarks status – since 1990 have been cultural facilities, galleries, restaurants, and hotels.04 Museum for Architectural Drawing by SPEECHThe new museum building, designed by SPEECH in Moscow, operated by the architects Sergei Tchoban and Sergei Kuznetsov, lies at the entrance to the complex, and adjoins the firewall of the protected landmarks building located at Christinenstraße 17. The building is conceived as a part of the “Pfefferberg” complex as a whole, and was not erected on an individually defined parcel of land.05 Museum for Architectural Drawing by SPEECHThe five-story building, executed in solid construction with basement, rises above a rectangular plan. The entrance lies on the northwest side of the building, where the façade drops back. The individual stories project at various depths and angles from the wall alignment in a way reminiscent of a set of slidable “drawers” within which drawings are stored.06 Museum for Architectural Drawing by SPEECHThe building also generates the impression of being constructed of drawings (i.e., via the impressions of drawings imprinted on the outer façade), at the same time resembling a stack of storage shelves. The building’s exposed concrete shell takes the form of a monolithic, windowless volume without joints. With the exception of the topmost level, the entire structure is covered in reliefs generated by means of matrix formwork.07 Museum for Architectural Drawing by SPEECHThe fine relief texture, interspersed with architectural motifs, and the yellowish-gray coloration of the concrete, refer subtly to the function of the building and its collection: to parchment as supporting material for architectural drawings. Located at ground level are the entrance hall, cloakroom, and museum shop. The first and second upper stories contain exhibition galleries.08 Museum for Architectural Drawing by SPEECHAccommodated in the third upper story alongside a display archive is a storage depot as a separate spatial unit. The uppermost level, with its open terrace, serves primarily social functions such as conferences and as workspace for the curators. Of the building’s altogether 450 m² of usable area, approximately 200 m² are devoted to exhibition purposes, including the museum counter and shop.09 Museum for Architectural Drawing by SPEECHThe museum for architectural drawings is private, and by virtue of the sensitivity of the objects preserved here, is not freely accessible. Visitors are guided through the building after making advanced reservations. There exist no architectural or programmatic parallels for such a museum in Germany.10 Museum for Architectural Drawing by SPEECHThe concept represents a revival in the 21st century of the virtually forgotten tradition of the private art collection or foundation, which makes valuable works of art available to a targeted public. The private Museum for Architectural Drawing will open its doors for the first time on the 4th June, 2013 at Pfefferberg in Prenzlauer Berg.12 Museum for Architectural Drawing by SPEECH
11 Museum for Architectural Drawing by SPEECH
14 Museum for Architectural Drawing by SPEECH
13 Museum for Architectural Drawing by SPEECH
16 Museum for Architectural Drawing by SPEECH
15 Museum for Architectural Drawing by SPEECH 

Location: Berlin, Germany
ArchitectSPEECH Tchoban, Kuznetsov
Architects In Charge: Sergei Tchoban and Sergey Kuznetsov
Project Management: nps tchoban voss GmbH & Co. KG
Project Team: Philipp Bauer, Nadja Fedorova, Katja Fuks, Ulrike Graefenhain, Dirk Kollendt
Structural Engineering: PPW Dipl.-Ing- D. Paulisch
Façade: MBM Konstruktionen GmbH
Façade Graphics: Heimann und Schwantes
Concrete: BSS Beton System-Schalungsbau GmbH
Building Services: Planungsbüro Thye
Roof And Terrace Insulation: Torsten Süßer GmbH
Interior Construction: Lindner AG
Conservation Consultants:Dr. Eva-Maria Barkhofen
Fixtures and Fittings: Messing Zawadski
Cerpentry: Tischlerei Hollenbach
Lighting: Kardorff Ingenieure
Courtyard Design: atelier 8 landschaftsarchitekten
Area: 498.0 sqm
Year: 2013
Client: Tchoban Foundation
Photographs: Patricia Parinejad

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