Break Ground for PATCH22 by FRANTZEN et al architects


PATCH22The breaking ground ceremony will take place on January 14th 2015 of PATCH22, the highest wooden apartment building of the Netherlands, an energy-passive building of 7 storeys constructed completely in wood.
PATCH22The design for the final round of the Sustainability Tender Amsterdam Buiksloterham is developed by FRANTZEN et al architects in cooperation with partners Bamo BV, and Hillen & Roosen BV.
PATCH22The layout of the building makes it possible to change its function from an office building to a residential building without modifications to the structure.
PATCH22The layout of the apartments can be adjusted to fulfill all needs of their owners and can be used to combine working space with living space. All lofts have enormous terraces facing south with a magnificent view on the canals of Amsterdam.
PATCH22Technically it is possible to adjust all installations and plumbing to personal needs by making the hollow wooden floors completely accessible. Source by FRANTZEN et al architects.

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