MOSF (Museum Of Science Fiction) by M.A.A.P

Museum Of Science Fiction

Museum Of Science FictionThe conception of a museum of science fiction is created by the need to expose the exorbitant knowledge that this discipline has developed throughout history. This architectural proposal kicks off this wonderful experience with a gateway to a lobby. This space is the first meeting between the visitors and the museum; superficially is where you can appreciate the magic that dwells within this enclosure. Here, visitors can get all the programming that the museum offered, which will be posted in large posters on the right side of the box office.
Museum Of Science FictionFace of this, there is the gift shop of the museum, which will be supplied by many objects from science fiction. To enter this shop is no requirement to have bought a ticket to the museum, which is open to any user who wants to purchase any of their products. When you buy the ticket and enter to the museum, first stay we will find a hall, and in the same observation point, allowing us to distinguish 3 different areas (private, public and service area).
Museum Of Science FictionIn the same direction in which you access the museum, to the right of the lobby the administration office (private area) which will handle the legal, economic and political museum will be located. It is an exclusive area for stability and smooth functioning of the site, facilities and projections. Continuing the tour, diagonally right of the hall direction we can find an auditorium (public area) suitable for ninety seats where shows like plays, presentation of films, documentaries, conferences and cultural events will be disposed, where prime integration, dynamism and visitor satisfaction.
Museum Of Science FictionIn the other direction, free zone will generate a gallery for an exhibitions illuminated by one of the oculus of the deck giving you a greater dimension of spatiality is conceived. Similarly, this space may give other kinds of activities such as exhibitions of works in the computer workshops and literature, graphic expression, stories, crafts and/or special makeups.
Museum Of Science FictionThese workshops will be located under the same sequence of ascending route. Their warehouses to keep materials needed for those activities are hidden in blocks within the walls of this area and its decoration. Blocks are extruded shapes for easy identification and visual game for the visitors.At the bottom of the museum and totally front of the lobby found the service area (WC) which is in the middle of both centralities (computer/reading room and the auditorium).
Museum Of Science FictionThis is strategically located in between of the museum to provide visitor access to this area without the need to generate extensive tours. Keeping the same observation point, will appreciate the accesses to the second level of the museum given by an ascending route. The shape of this route is surrounding the spatialities already appreciated (auditorium and computer/reading room).
Museum Of Science FictionIts main objective is that since it is made an exhibit (independent side by which the route begins) the past to the future or vice versa because the exhibits are disposed in chronological order. There will be exhibits that will reference at 7 representative MOSF galleries are: Creators, other worlds, vehicles, computers and robots, time travel; aliens, creatures and altered life and technology.
Museum Of Science FictionThe primary purpose is to never let lose the true essence of what the museum wants to provide and transmit, to answer the question “what if?” giving as a complement the theme of each gallery, in this case exhibit. During the tour on the second floor, you can see a space dedicated to the study of the cosmos. Booths that rest above the auditorium, and are fortunate to have the second oculus which allows visitors have a permanent meeting with the sky. You can carry out activities such as takeoff and landing short range spaceships or observatory. Beyond which prepares this proposal is to make a woven that mix the doubt and intrigue with a very high dose of truth and realism, because “Science fiction is the art of the possible”. Source by M.A.A.P.
Museum Of Science FictionLocation: Washington D.C, USA
Architect: M.A.A.P.
Project Team: Miguel A. Arias, Paola Silva
Area: 1717m2
Year: 2014
Client: Museum of science fiction, non-profit organization
Award: International architectural design competition, finalist project
Images: Courtesy by Miguel A. Arias, Paola Silva

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