Competition “Hello Nature” by Combo Competitions

Hello Nature by Combo Competitions

Hello Nature by Combo CompetitionsCombo Competitions organizes international ideas competitions for architects. The initiative comes from Per Linde, a Swedish architect living in London. Combo Competitions introduces an additional element to the competitions: the briefs always ask for something in addition to the main requirements. In these days,  Combo Competitions has just finished another competition, Hello Nature that invited participants to explore a way of re-introducing nature into people’s consciousness. From the Jury here the top three winners:

Jury’s  comments: Dromneberget is as a statement about humanity’s destructive relationship with the environment, and how we have always given ourselves the liberty of interact with it as we choose. A common theme for bringing public awareness about the environment is to disconnect people from technology in favor of letting them interact with nature in a very hands-on fashion.
Hello Nature by Combo CompetitionsThis proposal turns that concept on its head and suggests that technology could be the savior rather than the enemy. The proposal responds to the brief with a refreshing touch of science fiction by barring humans from the area as a means of safeguarding nature, suggesting that this future might not be too far away. However, to avoid bordering to dystopia, it proposes that technology could actually be of as much benefit to humans as to the environment.
Hello Nature by Combo CompetitionsBy offering the possibility of a digital visit, the Omne Mountain becomes a very democratic affair, available for everyone regardless of location. The celebration becomes an act of preservation, and vice versa. Clear diagrams and valid arguments provide a coherent storyline that comes to life in a visually strong presentation, turning Dromneberget into an alluring proposition.

Jury’s  comments: The beautiful and distinct presentation style offers a poetic and engaging storyline about approaching nature and becoming a part of it. While always being centered on the environment, the concept also makes sure to keep the basic needs of the human visitor in mind.
Hello Nature by Combo CompetitionsRetreat/Shelter/Nest is responding to the brief on an emotional level as well as a technical one – the shelters are designed to intrude as little as possible on the flora and fauna, with a clear structural approach that effortlessly adapts to the changing landscape of Omne Mountain.
Hello Nature by Combo CompetitionsBy inviting nature itself to interact with the structures, Retreat/Shelter/Nest offers humans a unique first-hand experience of the wild, equally appealing throughout the seasonal cycles.

Hello Nature by Combo Competitions3RD PRIZE – INSIDE NATURE BY JOHAN MEISEL
Jury’s  comments: Rather than trying to embody every aspect of the brief within the architecture, Inside Outside leaves both the educational and recreational aspects of the brief to nature itself.
Hello Nature by Combo CompetitionsBy offering simple and flexible lodging structures that over time will merge with their surroundings, the proposal invites people to experience the High Coast on nature’s terms.
Hello Nature by Combo CompetitionsThe straightforwardness of both design and presentation creates a simple but enticing invitation to immerse yourself in the flora and fauna of the High Coast: a proposal that provides an intuitive approach to nature with minimum interference and maximum longevity. Source by Combo Competitions.

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