Flying Garden Tower by Coop Himmelb(l)au

Flying Garden Tower

Flying Garden TowerThe urban district development “Gateway Gardens” is part of the Frankfurt Airport City. This project offers opportunities for major groups to position their corporate headquarters in a  conspicuous location within an attractive environment at one of Europe’s main transportation hubs.
Flying Garden TowerThe Flying Garden Tower, 67 metres tall, has a striking profile due to its polygonal shape which is easily recognisable from any part of Frankfurt Airport, from the air, and from the motorways passing it.
Flying Garden TowerThis makes the Flying Garden Tower an highly visible landmark for this new district.
Flying Garden TowerThe elliptic shape and orientation of the building optimise its climate efficiency: The east and west facades, which are subject to high solar exposure, are protected by the buffer zone of the atriums as tall as the building itself with suspended “flying” gardens.
Flying Garden TowerHere the conference rooms and informal meeting areas are located.  The north- and south-facing facades are optimally aligned in terms of office energy efficiency. The flexible and adaptable spatial concept enables office cubicles, private offices, bull pens and open-plan offices.
Flying Garden TowerThe synergy between architecture and energy design answers to the specific requirements of the location, and offers innovative architectonic and technological solutions.
Flying Garden TowerLocation: Frankfurt, Germany
Design Principal: Wolf D. Prix
Design Partner: Karolin Schmidbaur
Senior Project Partner: Frank Stepper
Design Architect: Stephan Sobl
Project Architect: Johannes Behrens
Project Team: Akvile Rimantaite, Ursula Trost, Jinhee Koh
Graphic Design: Jan Rancke
Model Building: Win Man, Paul Hoszowski , Po Yao
Energy Design: Brian Cody Consulting GmbH
Structural Engineering: Bollinger Grohmann Schneider ZTGmbH
Visualization: Luxigon Los Angeles
Year: 2015
Client:Grundstücksgesellschaft Gateway Gardens GmbH

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