Rising Architecture Week 2015! Inspire. Create. Provoke

Photo ©  Florian Plag
Photo © Florian Plag

For the first time, Copenhagen and Aarhus host an ambitious international architecture week. RISING Architecture Week takes place throughout the cities of Copenhagen and Aarhus in Denmark from September 15th to 18th.

Photo ©  Sigfrid Lundberg
Photo © Sigfrid Lundberg

RISING is about exploring the city, gaining knowledge and challenging your perception of architectural norms. RISING is not an academic practice. It is a meeting place. Not only for architects and other visionaries within the building industry, but for everybody who believes in creating and shaping buildings, spaces and lifestyles.

Photo ©  Martin Fish
Photo © Martin Fish

This years’ theme is Growing Cities.
RISING is a week of events and hands-on activities, with more than 500 participants internationally and many more throughout the cities of Aarhus and Copenhagen. During the week you get the opportunity to meet with companies, join projects and develop with future partners.  You can participate in debates, studio visits, network café’s and workshops.

Photo ©  Thomas Rousing
Photo © Thomas Rousing

“RISING is an innovative event and a unique possibility to meet with a large and various audience, show off projects, and exchange ideas. We are very much looking forward to host this event!” Says Lene Espersen, Director of The Danish Association of Architectural Firms.

Photo ©  Thomas Rousing
Photo © Thomas Rousing

RISING Architecture Week is hosted by Werksted and The Architecture Project in close co-operation with The Danish Association of Architectural Firms.

Photo ©  Mikkel Frost
Photo © Mikkel Frost

• RISING Lecture Hall and Playground
RISING Lecture Hall and Playground is a two-day happening. Each day, The Lecture Hall will present four international keynote speakers who challenge how we think architecture and urbanisation. RISING is pleased to announce the first two keynote speakers:

Photo ©  Florian Plag
Photo © Florian Plag

• At the age of 35, Sergey Kuznetsov was appointed Chief Architect of Moscow and is now in charge of a visionary, internationally orientated development of the new and greater Moscow. Before his appointment and in spite of his young age, Sergey managed to start a successful architectural practice with projects in Russia and Germany and with the design of the Russian Pavillons for the Venice Biennale in 2010 and 2012.

Photo ©  Florian Plag
Photo © Florian Plag

• Katherine Rodgers represents Grosvenor Britain & Ireland which has a history of 300 years in property. Grosvenor creates and sustains inspiring places and neighbourhoods to live, work and visit to deliver long term, sustainable value using ‘patient capital’.

Photo ©  Thomas Abbs
Photo © Thomas Abbs

It owns and manages a diverse property portfolio including its London estate – 300 acres of Mayfair and Belgravia – and developments elsewhere in London, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Oxford, Cambridge and Southampton. As at 31 December 2014, Grosvenor Britain & Ireland had £5.2bn of assets under management.

Photo ©  Knight Foundation
Photo © Knight Foundation

The keynote presentations are followed up by on-stage interviews and debates, involving all participants. The Playground welcomes all curious and playful souls. Your imagination is stimulated and you get your hands dirty. With your colleagues and future business partners, you shape, create and invent.

Photo ©  Torben Eskerod
Photo © Torben Eskerod

• In the City
RISING In the City is a week with more than 50 various events and happenings hosted by practitioners throughout Copenhagen and Aarhus. In the City invites you to take part in architectural discourse: go visit a practice, experience a building site, a public space or participate in an on-site debate or a network cafe.

Photo ©  Tony Webster
Photo © Tony Webster

Early Bird tickets until June 1st!
For further information: please contact contact@rising-architecture.com
Images: Courtesy of RISING

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