Arctic Saver Tower by Yi Yang Xu and Jing Yi Ye

Arctic Saver Tower

‘Arctic Saver Tower’ designed by Yi Yang Xu and Jing Yi Ye from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology is to prolong the winter season in Arctic regions, allowing more time for polar bears to migrate across the icy landscape.

The tower is activated in April as the ice begins to melt in the Arctic when the outer frame of the Arctic Saver Tower begins rotating, the unit of which under the water surface also start on storing water while the internal sea water begin to freeze when those units above the water surface are exposed to cold air during rotation.

The ice storage unit is placed outside when the outer frame rotates to sea level, and the ice will melt which absorbs the heat in the atmosphere and slows the rise of temperature, so that the melting period is prolonged.

In the meantime, those external units will move to a fixed position while absorbing atmospheric heat, providing a foothold for a small number of polar bears that begin to migrate from May to June. In October, the freezing period of the Arctic begin when the Arctic Saver Tower will move to the vicinity where has just iced up.

The Arctic Saver Tower sprays treated seawater to the ice, making ice layer thick. Polar bears are starving because of melting sea ice. In order to pretend polar bears, we designed ‘Arctic Saver Tower’ to extend the melting season.

We believe that in the future of more developed cleaner energy, the issue of global warming can be alleviated and improved. Source by Yi Yang Xu and Jing Yi Ye and images Courtesy of Team Lin Yiting.

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