Shelf Light by Margot Krasojevic

Shelf Light

The shelf light is designed to be able to support itself whilst sitting on a shelf or on a tabletop. The recycled 3d printed form creates a dynamic and bright luminescence that can be used as a reading light. It is self-supporting and can slide onto any tabletop surface as the material is flexible enough for it to fit on thicknesses between 15mm-50mm.

The light clings vertically as it is eased securely onto the surface. the twisted angles of the light frame allow for a 360 degree led light, almost like a lantern. LED’S follow the curves and folds of the surface allowing for a strong light to reflect throughout any room, this can be dimmed accordingly. The shelf light can also be rested as a sculpture or hung as a pendant light.

The shelf light is made from recycled plastics and is light, strong and flexible in order for it to be positioned onto a number of surfaces. This is part of a series which will include 3d printed bamboo. The geometry makes it possible for the light to act as a kinetic model which is stable yet can swing from a stationary point even when plugged in.

The form has a proportionate weight distribution across it’s length creating a stable centre of gravity even when it is not wedged onto a tabletop or shelf, the central axis has a tapering opening as it twists in order for it be able to be flexible and hang from a shelf without overturning. Source and images Courtesy of Margot Krasojevic.

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