First Window competition

First Window

Airports today are not only highly frequented transportation hubs, but they also serve as important places for work, commerce and recreation. Globalization and unprecedented demand for travel have resulted in the proliferation of airports around the world. Airport design involves a lot of technical complexity and functional design that often takes precedence over local and cultural context.

For example, if we pick up any airport in isolation, one cannot judge its location based on its design. If Airports are the first place we see as we enter a new city/country, how can it provide a true window to what the city offers? Additionally, how can we design for such a typology to provide more than its functional need?

Propose a concept for the Airport Design of Koh Phangan island in Thailand. Participants need not give the technical details for it. This is primarily a concept-design challenge only. Source and images Courtesy of competitions.uni.

  • Timeline
  • Launch October 04, 2019
  • Registration closes: February 16th 2020
  • Submission Deadline: February 26th 2020
  • Public Voting begins: March 07th 2020
  • Public Voting ends: March 28th 2020
  • Result Announcement: April 07st 2020
  • Prizes
  • Prize pool of worth 20,000$
  • First Prize: 5000$ (For students and professionals)
  • Runner Up: 6 x 1100$ (For students and professionals)
  • People’s Choice: 4 x 600$ (Open for all)
  • Honorable Mention x 12: 500$ Each

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