House by the Ocean by MESURA

House by the Ocean

House by the Ocean does not project its wealth outwards but aims to create a harmony amongst its inhabitants and context. Luxury architecture doesn’t impose.

It connects the outside and inside world. It’s not an ephemeral construction but a pedestal that plays with wide views onto the ocean and a close, dense experience of nature.

The house is solid, durable and aware of its surroundings, at peace with itself. It’s not about looking for more, but rather about seeking what’s right. Though it sounds contradictory, simplicity is a complex construction.

What we leave out of our lives is just as important as what’s left in. Selection is a means to attain freedom and comfort. House by the Ocean reduces its material and form to its essence, a careful selection of details meant to fit a particular way. Source by MESURA.

Exploded axonometric
  • Localization: Central Africa
  • Architect: MESURA
  • Client: Private
  • Category: Residencial
  • Year: 2019
  • Images: Play-time, Courtesy of MESURA

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