(in) Land by Simone Bossi

(in) Land

(in) Land is the first solo exhibition by Simone Bossi, a young architectural photographer among the most appreciated and promising of the contemporary scene. The distinctive character of his artistic imprint has attracted the attention of some of the most important magazines in the world of architecture, as he has photographed projects by Richard Serra, Piero Lissoni, Herzog & de Meuron and KAAN Architecten. From 23 November 2019 – 25 January 2020 at Divario in Rome.

The photos on display aim to highlight the most personal, hidden and creative aspects of his work; a deeply intimate undertaking that finds its maximum expression in the exploration of a cave. According to Jung, it is the archetype of the maternal womb, a place of birth but also of danger. The cave is the perfect symbol of the unconscious. Through the discovery of this cavern, Simone Bossi reveals to us his method and divulges his highly personal way of reading and interpreting architecture, both natural and artificial.

Ten slow, expected, calibrated shots disclose his way of thinking, his “I”, and show us the main themes of his wide photographic production: lightness, verticality, geometry, composition, light, colour, seriality, indeterminacy and mysticism (to mention but a few). The purpose of his work is not to provide the viewer with a complete and accurate reportage of the subject portrayed. On the contrary, incompleteness is precisely the detail that makes us understand the value, the very essence of a pleasant place.

Simone Bossi eschews overtly explicit or direct messages and invites us to subconciously recompose what we cannot see, the non-exhibited. “For every one (besides the errors common to human nature in general) has a cave or den of his own, which refracts and discolours the light of nature”, wrote the English philosopher Francis Bacon in his seventeenth century masterpiece Novum Organum. The demure, silent work of Simone Bossi seeks to capture this intimate, personal deformation of knowledge that must not correspond to reality at all costs and is not necessarily the same for everyone. Source and photos Courtesy of Divario.

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