Perkins and Will along with Rafael de La-Hoz win competition for new European Commission office building

new European Commission office building

A consortium of five companies from across Europe wins competition to create a new European Commission office complex in the heart of Brussels. The complex will replace the aging and inefficient offices that currently stand on the site and will help make the area more attractive.

Project to house over 5,250 people, welcome 345,000 visitors a year and cut emissions by 70 percent compared with existing buildings Winning team topped a short list of nine. The winning design was selected by a jury of internationally renowned architects and then approved by the European Commission, on the grounds of it offering a future-proofed, resilient and innovative solution to replacing its offices that currently stand on the site.

The new buildings are expected to generate 50% less CO2 emissions and consume 70% less energy compared with the Commission’s existing offices. By concentrating staff on modern and more efficient buildings the Commission will generate savings compared to renovating its existing buildings, or renting alternative office space elsewhere in the European Quarter.

The designs were also commended for the valuable addition the project will make to the ongoing upgrade of the European Quarter. By combining offices with facilities accessible to the wider public like restaurants, shops and public spaces with green areas, the project will contribute to the livelihood of the neighbourhood and will attract more visitors and residents of Brussels to this part of the city.

Steven Charlton, managing director of the London studio of Perkins and Will, said: “We are delighted to be working jointly with Rafael de La-Hoz to deliver a new heart for European democracy. This project will compliment some of the great work being undertaken by the Development Corporation of the Brussels-Capital Region, and we very much see people and public realm being at the heart of this project.

The architect, Rafael de La-Hoz, said: “Our design proposals seek to open up the site to all, creating a public space that is not only for European Commission employees, but also for visitors to the new Rue de Loi and the wider community. Source by Perkins and Will along with Rafael de La-Hoz and images Courtesy of Perkins and Will.

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