COVID-19 Protective Face-Shield by Tomohiro Katsuki / Prism Design

Protective Face-Shield

The Covid-19 pandemic that is profoundly affecting our lives now. I believe that we will come through this challenging time stronger than ever, more united in our goals and our humanity. I made prototype products of supported for protection items of medical practitioners and any more, who fight on the front lines.

COVID-19_PROTECTIVE FACE-SHIELD these can be composed of Relatively low cost materials that are easily available at home improvement centers around the world.
1.Transparent PVC
2.Nylon Belt
3.Urethane Foam(With adhesive tape)
Extra. Privacy Mirror Sheets (Polarization)
I devised two types products, Standard type and Privacy Mirror type, anyone can easily create with a utility knife and ruler.

Privacy Mirror type is a function that considers religiously Habit such as “Burqa and Niqab” in Islamic countries. The belt function allows casual size changes and anyone can adjust the size, and it is also easy to put on and take off. Urethane is attached to the forehead to ease long-term wearing stress.

A space is secured in the urethane adhesive section, and it has a vent function to prevent fogging. I would like to publish the product and drawings here so that many people can use it, and wish everyone take care, stay safe, and no matter what, keep imagination and created. Source and images Courtesy of Tomohiro Katsuki / Prism Design.

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