3rd edition of the architecture prize “Living Places, Simon architecture prize”

Living Places, Simon architecture prize

The ‘Living Places’ Simon Architecture Prize is a Simon initiative that has had the support and advice of the Fundació Mies van der Rohe since it began. The goal of this prize is to highlight those architecture projects (including indoors, public spaces and landscaping) whose excellence enhances the ability of the spaces to promote the comfort of its inhabitants.

Architectures that turn into higher quality spaces for people in their day-to-day lives: to work, to learn, to wait, to play… Architectures to live in. The two prize categories are Collective Places and Personal Places, reflecting an interest in architecture designed and understood with the residents’ point of view in mind, centring on the experiences that put the spaces, as well as their designs and choices, to the test.

The jury for this edition includes architect and sustainable habitat researcher Anupama Kundoo; artist and filmmaker Louise Lemoine (Paris-Rome); architect Victor Jaime (Productora), one of the winners from the previous edition of Living Places with the project for the Centro Cultural Teopanzolco; Ana Luisa Soares, critic and speaker from the emerging Portuguese architecture studio Fala Atelier; Croatian lighting designer Dean Skira, who defends that “light is not important for architecture, but for people who live in it”, and finally Salvi Plaja, Simon Design Director.

The jury will select 5 finalists for each category, and 1 winner from each group of finalists. The creators of the winning projects will receive a monetary prize of €10,000. Works by authors who are qualified architects, city planners and/or landscapers are invited to participate. The authors can be residents of any country, and of any age and nationality, and can submit their entry individually or as part of a multi-disciplinary team. Works that were finished and launched during the two years before the prize, and constructed in Europe or Mexico, can be nominated until September 15.

Entries can be nominated by their architects, but also by collaborators, clients and/or users who wish to nominate projects known to them, by pre-registering on the website. This contest, besides allowing architects to nominate their own work, is also open to, for example, a satisfied client, or a resident of a space who feels extremely comfortable living there, or a student who is inspired by a library, or a supplier who feels like part of the work… and wants to share these feelings. They can make their own nomination by filling in the pre-registration form on the website.

The format allows users to filter the content through different lenses, with more than 15 concept types (single-family home, collective housing, community development and social wellbeing, cultural, educational, food and accommodation, healthcare, sports or spiritual installations, infrastructures, commercial installations, offices, landscapes, urban planning…). Videos can also be filtered by author, and by whether the work is a new build, refurbishment, extension, conversion or temporary architecture.previous editions. Source for Simon and images Courtesy of FELICES Agency.

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