Pedestrian Bridge in Eco-Park by OOO ADM

Bridge in Eco-Park

The footbridge over the highway is a connecting element of two recreational sites in the suburban area of Krasnoyarsk – boulevard “Studencheskiy” and eco-park “Gremyachaya Griva”.

The transition is located on an active walking and sports-running path, so it is designed as a dynamic communication link, where, by means of figurative and compositional expression, it “charges” visitors with the energy of tense twisted spirals of ramps. Our studio “ADM” at this stage in our project activities explores discrete network models consisting of two components – a connector and a linking element.

If we take a node-connector and imagine that the axes of the linking elements intersect at one point inside the node, and the elements themselves can be located and fixed at any angle, then we get a universal form modeling system, which is a discrete network.

And this spatial model makes it possible to organize various structural systems – shells, spatial structural systems, rack-and-beam constructions. In the footbridge concept the frame is made of universal metal connectors and linking elements made of glued wood.

This structural technology makes it possible to build a kind of “eternal” pedestrian bridge – a spacer metal rod can be inserted into the slots provided in the nodes, and damaged connecting element made of glued timber can be replaced with a new one. The supporting elements and the structural spatial “pipe” of the pedestrian bridge connect the flyovers, which have an expressive shape.

But the geometry of the structural elements and the material, from which they are made, are in harmony with the naturalness of the surrounding forest, and flyovers themselves direct pedestrians in space at the level of trees branches and involve them into an almost tactile dialogue with nature. Source by OOO AMD.

  • Location: Krasnoyarsk, Russia
  • Architect: OOO ADM
  • Architect in Charge: Aleksei Miakota,
  • Co-author: Lidiia Gribakina
  • Year: 2020
  • Images: Courtesy of OOO AMD

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