Everbright Kindergarten by GEEDESIGN


As the focal point of urban living environment improvement and renovation, the Beiwei Industrial Area, relying on the construction opportunity of Leshang Town, integrates diversified industries, public services and intelligent living. Located at the intersection of Chuangfu Road and Chuangxing 7th Road in the south of the area, the Everbright Kindergarten is surrounded by water network and criss-crossed by natural landscape. In the north, it is a high-quality residential area under construction.

Multiple Defined Growing Community – Restrictions and demands sorting out
Due to the boundary restrictions of the residential areas and the control of the multi-layer retreat boundary in the intersection zone, it is extremely difficult to make the building. At the same time, it serves as a community supporting kindergarten that needs to accommodate 12 classes, a super-sized music-event room and two activity areas.

The occupied area is only 5,400 square meters, and the cramped space still needs to coordinate with the various interfaces of the city. How to create a humanized, natural and childlike educational space under many limited conditions has become a fundamental problem faced by architects. We hope that this place can be the intersection of the new and the old city to find the unique human touch, so that the struggling people here can spend a pleasant parent-child time.

Enjoy the Fairy Tale Village – Inspiration and design strategy
At the beginning, we extracted the space to play from the multiple constraints, and combined the educational concept with the positioning of the community. Based on the idea of being environmentally friendly to the city, we put forward the design concept of “fairy tale village” as the basis for the space design of the kindergarten.

The symbiotic blossom
The functional layout of this “small village” is quite exquisite, and the topological relationship between the activity place and the architectural space subtly resolves the dilemma of the limited land conditions. This form effectively promotes the “here while faraway” between each unit, maximizes the richness of the urban interface from the perspective of the street, and forms a sense of rhythm with gradual ups and downs.

Penetrating breathing
Given the advantages of the landscape resources of the urban park and water system in the south, the design echoes the characteristics between the city and nature on the facade, and matches the bamboo and wood materials on the basis of the pure white paint. This is the way to adopt the natural method, endue the original environment, and strengthen the sense of family and permeability. In terms of visual attraction, the architectural space stimulates children’s yearning for the natural landscape, and they can still pursue the natural wild interest in the city.

Scattered while interesting
According to the actual needs of the class quantity and space capacity, the whole will be divided into approximately proportional units. Through the interspersion and dislocation between the main block and the small volume, the outdoor space will be transferred to the building, forming an interesting and changeable landscape platform and ‘gray spaces’.

Considering the practicability of children’s activities and the permeability of sunlight, we scattered the inner patio of each room on the slope roof to create a colorful light and shadow experience. From the building to the interior, the independent and continuous unit modules can become a “home”, which encourages children to explore freely in the lively and warm space and build a sense of belonging in the garden.

Taking from the Original, Using for Refined Building – Materials and construction
The selection of building materials is based on the original intention of the design of the kindergarten itself. White coating implication is pure, origin, can maximize the warm color department on the vision of the formation of a sense of package, at the same time with the combination of jumping rhythm of the unit, the wild interest flavor arises spontaneously. The process of transforming materials into architectural entities requires application and practice.

Through the combination of real and virtual materials such as bamboo, white coating, aluminum plate and glass, we repeatedly made samples and explored the field comparison. The bevel connection between the aluminum plate of the front facade and the curtain wall adopts the imitation copper profile to receive the edge. Under the premise of not affecting the overall atmosphere, the node is rich in the texture of modern technology. Source by GEEDESIGN.

  • Location: Foshan, China
  • Architect: GEEDESIGN
  • Design Team: Zhu Yu, Liang Shen, Pei Yuexuan, Tang Fusheng
  • Client: Vanke, Excellence Group
  • Gross Floor Area: 3,200 sqm
  • Year: 2020
  • Photographs: CAAI image, ACF, Courtesy of GEEDESIGN

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