ByourD by JANREVAJ architects


Behind the executed urbanistic project Three Waters Malinovo is an idea, which is not yet visionary fulfilled and has a global reach. Even though only a part was completed, the space is full of timeless and unique vibe. The vision is successfully developing and transforming into a concept under the name of ByourD. The abbreviation stands for “Build Your Dream”.

This urbanistic concept does not only solve the issue with work and housing. It also focuses on a career and lifestyle that comes with it. Personal growth as a part of day-to-day life leading to the basic human need of self-contentment. Work should not be only about an exchange of our free time for money, but it should fulfill us. We should find and do something in life that makes us happy.

Therefore, the goal of this project is to bring people a step closer to making their dreams come true. Not everything can be made into reality by a person alone. „Imagine that you start living in a place, where you meet people in tune with you, with the same mindset and beliefs in changing the world and with the want to move the it forward.

Shortly, you’ll meet your future business partners there, with whom you’ll start a start-up. They want do it, not have to do it and that makes a big difference.“ says Jan about vision of the project. ByourD should serve as a trampoline for your life. People come, meet, maybe start a company and move on. It should be a product not only for the youth and their dreams, but for everyone, because we dream our whole life.

It‘s not a typical residential project with 4-room apartments for young families with 2-3 children. Primarily, it’s a vision of a career growth, housing and life for people, who love what they do and their work is a part of their lives, not as a punishment, but as a happiness. The idea is that the people living in such ByourDs would be connected to each other.

The ByourD area in Malinovo is a part of newly designed residential zone Three Waters Malinovo. The estate of this urbanistic concept has a shape of ellipse ring, which comes out of the ByourD philosophy. The overall ByourD concept consists of 22 townhouses and is divided into 2 stages. The first 9 townhouses have already been realized according to the concept. The heart of the complex is the multifunctional object / ByourD hub, which is called the three-water. Source and images Courtesy of JANREVAJ architects.

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