Villa Tonden by HofmanDujardin

Villa Tonden

Designed to escape from the rush of the city, villa Tonden forms the perfect holiday retreat. HofmanDujardin carefully shaped its characteristic appearance to perfectly fit into the open spot in the pine woods. This wood clad home is equipped with all amenities required to enjoy a laid-back time with family and friends. All rooms offer a stunning view of the surrounding nature.

Villa Tonden is composed of three archetypical house shaped volumes. They soften its presence in the surrounding landscape and create distinct places around the house. The façades embrace different terraces which overlook the encircling fields and the woods. While the individual volumes result in unique interior spaces with specific qualities, the use of sliding doors strengthens seamless internal connections between them.

Unique spaces
The entrance hall with a reading window is openly connected to the main living space. With openings oriented in three directions, the living room follows the sun. Two large glass sliding doors open up to an east and a west terrace and blur the lines between the inside and outside.

With the timber roof structure left visible, its height is emphasized. The living room forms the heart of the holiday retreat, inviting for all night family diners or warm and cosy evenings around the fireplace. The master bedroom has a private bathroom and a big window that offers uninhibited view towards the surrounding woods.

The children’s bedroom features four build in bunk bed nooks which provide a grounded place to feel safe in the natural surroundings. Located in front of a big window, they overlook the woods and allow the kids to look at the birds and deer from their beds.

Besides the master bedroom and a children’s bedroom on ground floor, Villa Tonden has two additional guest bedrooms in the attic. They both have a skylight to watch the stars and tree tops. In this way, each space has a unique relation with the surrounding nature. Source by HofmanDujardin.

  • Location: Tonden, Netherlands
  • Architect: HofmanDujardin
  • Consultant construction: BreedID
  • Consultant installations: Bureau 1232
  • Consultant lighting: ERCO
  • Contractor: Aannemersbedrijf Kormelink
  • Fixed furniture: Imetis Maatwerk Interieur
  • Area: 150 m2
  • Year: 2019
  • Photographs: Matthijs van Roon, Courtesy of HofmanDujardin

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