Leaf & Bean Coffee Co by Mask Architects

Leaf & Bean

Mask Architects and Design has designed a sustainable pavilion nestled in Waldspielpark Heinrich-Kraft-Park, German Forest. Designed for Leaf & Bean Coffee Co. Company, Named `Leaf & Bean Coffee Co´ pavilion uses innovative, sustainable, and contemporary approaches to integrate nature with architecture.

Through the utilization of local wood the structure’s material palette percolates with it’s background and implements sustainable production strategies. This pavilion will feature mainly a coffee shop, semi-open library, recreational areas on both the ground and terrace floor levels and host an event which was sourced from the town.

By wandering in the forest, visitors not only discover co-creation programs but also meet with the people involved with the project and explore their creative process. The dynamic architecture and structure of the pavilion integrates a semi-opened ground floor and exhibitions. A meandering procession where visitors can wander in an undulation of forest and exhibition discoveries.

This well-integrated technique allows the structure’s appearance to change depending on the perspective. From one angle it appears to be a closed and complex matrix, and from another; an open lattice. From each side of the structure, the view is different The main approach offers a see-through, thin silhouette – while from the other side, the visual perception of the space is changed progressively achieving spatial diversity and rhythm. Our first goal in this project was to respect the mathematics of nature.

Öznur Pınar ÇER says: “ We carried out a design in which people can provide an unforgettable experience without disturbing the mathematics and physics of nature. This pavilion can be adapted to any kind of forest area, the development offers visitors an escape from the city with the celebration of fresh and organic dining. A hub educating and reestablishing gastronomy historic and appropriate connection with nature.

Guests may enjoy leisure and programming resting on the terrace level, while connected with the natural forest.The various types of programmed spaces are inspired by the trees and leaves in the surrounding forest. The project focuses on a symbiotic relationship between the provided transparency of the glass pavilion and the adjacent forest, where the natural landscape outside begins to mingle with pavilion spaces within.

Design office has preferred to use local wooden blocks for the structure’s material. 10*15cm rectangular blocks, 7.68-meter height, which is suspended while giving them a functional role as part of the main structural support. The blocks intersect obliquely, suggesting branches in a forest. The architect wanted to suggest that Leaf Pavilion is nestling in Forest.

The impression of an infinite forest landscape is reinforced by the use of a vertical structure – and elements that define boundaries, like the mist of the forest. This narrative logic manifested through the architecture extenuates the restaurant, exhibition and rest area concept. Coupled with a minimal aesthetic it reinforces the visit as a total and unique experience of an authentic and natural pavilion. Source and images Courtesy of Mask Architects.

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