COX Architecture make Singapore Founders Memorial design competition shortlist

Singapore Founders Memorial

The project’s purpose is to create a world-renowned public building that embodies the democratic principles that Singapore has been built upon. It will do this by being a place for the Singaporean people and visitors to gather and celebrate the achievements of past, present and future Singaporeans.

The flag of Singapore is the inspiration for the site marked by five pathways – representing the five stars and the abstracted crescent moon – the Memorial. Each pathway is the physical celebration of one of the ideals that each star of the Singaporean flag represents – democracy, peace, progress, justice and equality.

The social history, trials, tribulations and victories of the Singaporean people act as the inspiration for the internal makeup of the Memorial. It is a place of internal and collective reflection whereby the act of procession through the building is a journey to understanding the rich and complex history of the nation.

Acting as a beacon, the tower marks the entry to the building. Inside, it accommodates a viewing gallery, restaurant, education spaces and galleries. The variety of programs that can be enjoyed individually or collectively are placed together to celebrate the importance of pluralism in democratic design. This is further reinforced by each space having views over the curated landscape, where each pathway to the museum is now visible, and the ideals which these pathways represent are seen in their poetic totality.

The Bridge, which contains the interpretive gallery spaces, represents the literal interpretation of a procession through history. Its purpose is to be a place where families, school children and visitors learn the complex and rich history of Singapore. Underneath the Bridge is the Reflection Pool, a place where the individual is celebrated by seeing themselves reflected amongst the history of Singapore. It serves as a reminder of the importance of every Singaporean being responsible for its past present and future.

Acting as the symbolic reveal of the Interpretive Gallery, the Theatre is a space for people to gather and see the literal culmination of the story of Singapore, whilst encountering sweeping views over the entire site and the Marina Barrage. Source and images Courtesy of COX Architecture.

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