The Library of Songdo International City by aoe


Songdo International City is located in the vicinity of Incheon Port, 56 km west of Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Its ideal geographical location makes it a better place for business and trades in Northeast Asia. Songdo International City is known for being a tech-based, intellectual, and eco-city, the development of more cultural buildings, such as this public library, is expected to be a key indicator to carry out a cultural purpose into the city and hoped to draw closer connections with their citizens.

This library it will not only be as a landmark in a city, but the importance of its publicity that connects with their local citizens and tourists. The rounded form responses best to its surrounding context, it allows maximum access from different directions, minimized the impact on the neighboring kindergarten. Moreover, based on accurate calculations, the building leans at an angle of 18.5° to the south to avoid direct sunlight in summer, and receive in winter to keep warm, creating a bright and energy-saving space.

A concrete core wall with a cantilever-truss system is used as the structural system. The reading hall uses only 4 diagonal structural columns for diagonal bracing, so that visitors can enjoy the most extensive space for reading and viewing. Charred wood cladding and glass curtain were selected as the main materials for the façade, they can not only bring contrasts to visual appearances, but also adapts to the local context climatically. The charred wood is expected to last for 80 to 100 years, with minimum maintenance needed.

Equiped with Auditorium, Exibition area, Classroom and Café, the Living Hall (North facing), which connects the outdoor public space, is expected to hold events, open lectures, and gathering etc, and all the resources are accessible even if the main library area is closed. The General Reading Hall (South Facing), this cascading space is organized into multiple reading zones to encourage different learning activities for both individual and group users.

Sustainability considerations took place in the early concept stage as the building tilted to the south to avoid direct sunlight and reduce heat gain in summer and gain thermal energy in winter. This would create a comfortable reading space (South facing) and a bright community living hall (North facing) for events and exhibitions. Further sustainable and LEED design strategy helps the building with natural ventilation, low energy consumption, maximum recycled energy and collections, it is becoming a truly self-sustaining architecture.

The value of the library as a place gradually weakens due to the impact of the Internet, but it plays an important role in the accumulation, sharing and dissemination of knowledge. The comfortable reading spaces and multi-functional public space will reshape the value of the library as a place so that it serves as the cultural paradise for the citizens and a cultural landmark where people like to visit. The building itself is a “living” future library. Source by aoe.

  • Location: Songdo-dong, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, South Korea
  • Architect: aoe
  • Lead Architects: Larry Wen
  • Design Team: Jichang Pan, Xiangting Li, Ye Wang, Ruixue Fan, Yu Lu, Zhiyu Chang, Chen Liu (Interior), Yawen Xue (Interior)
  • Clients: Architecture Division. Yeonsu-gu office, Incheon-si, S.Korea
  • Structure Engineer: Arup Group Limited
  • Façade Engineer: Inhabitgroup
  • Gross Built Area: 8199.5Sq
  • Year: 2021
  • Images: Courtesy of aoe

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