Loreto Open Community by Ceetrus Nhood wins the tender for the urban renewal of Piazzale Loreto in Milan

Loreto Open Community

The team led by Ceetrus-Nhood wins the tender for the urban renewal of Piazzale Loreto in Milan with the LOC – LORETO OPEN COMMUNITY project, initiated by Reinventing Cities with the aim of urban transformation through projects that are in tune with the local community, resilience, and regeneration. A decisive factor for Ceetrus- Nhood’s success was the choice of an integrated sustainability approach.

The project aspires to become a model for living in Milan that promotes public and collective spaces. The LOC will transform Piazzale Loreto from a large traffic junction into a green openair square, connected to NoLo to ensure continuity of the Corso Buenos Aires, Viale Monza, and Viale Padova axis. The name of the project itself expresses the intention of creating an icon and symbol for the entire city, capable of finally restoring the true sense of the term “piazza” for local citizens.

Currently reduced to little more than a congested traffic junction, Piazzale Loreto will be transformed into an inclusive, public space and enhanced quality environment. For Milan it will become a symbol for contemporary architecture and living. The LOC will be an activity incubator and hub of attraction, a new urban districtfor local commerce. It will include co-working facilities, a local nursery school, provide a lively socio-cultural venue, and much more.

It will become a three-tier system of squares connecting the street level, subway train access, and the building roofs. Stairways and ramps will provide fluid connection between the street and underground levels, and the building on Via Porpora will be integrated into the piazza layout. The buildings that emerge from the master plan resemble “green icebergs”, shaped by the forces of architectural design for public spaces.

The Loreto Open Community will recuperate more than 10,000 m2 of green public space with canopy trees planted directly in the ground, enabling the new piazza to establish a local natural microclimate and an oasis for citizens in their free time. The management of such an ambitious project requires a cohesive team of professionals covering every single aspect.

Arcadis filled the role of project and development management, together with environmental consulting and engineering. The new transport system takes a radical approach of redistribution of space in favour of active, sustainable transport. The design of the new urban landscape is based on the recovery of public space on a human scale, representing an important contribution to the new green view of the city of Milan. Source by Ceetrus-Nhood.

  • Location: Milan, Italy
  • Team lead: Ceetrus-Nhood
  • Design Team coordinator: Metrogramma Milano
  • Masterplan: Studio Andrea Caputo
  • Landscaping consulting office: LAND Italia
  • Technical coordination: Arcadis Italia
  • Transport systems: MIC Mobility in Chain
  • Consulents: Temporiuso, Squadrati, IGP Decaux, Siemens, Helexia, Alchema CO+FABB, Miage, and Starching
  • Developer: Ceetrus-Nhood
  • Pedestrian area: 12,118 m2
  • Driveway area: 5,382 m2
  • Year: 2021
  • Images: Courtesy of Ceetrus-Nhood

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