Treehouse C by Alexis Dornier

Treehouse C

After only 4 months of construction time, Stilt Studios is happy to announce the opening of our first wooden prototype of Treehouse C in Ubud, Bali. This wooden Treehouse C is located in Penestanan, a village just outside the town of Ubud, in Bali, Indonesia. It has been known as an artist’s village since the 1930s. The area is a 15-minute walking distance to Ubud center.

Surrounded by cozy restaurants & bar scenes while at the same time embedded into lush rice fields, it is a quiet area with a high living standard. The Treehouse is part of a little housing community called Bukit Sari. Like our studios A to C, the structural principle of the wooden Treehouse C consists of a core element that is made of 4 vertical columns, braced by a staircase, that suspends both the ceiling and the floor plane with firm steel cables spanning from that core.

This results in the reduction of member cross-sections and building parts for the entire building. Our guiding structural principle allows, next to impacting the building’s memorable hovering appearance, a plane field to create slender facades with thin window frames and panels that do not need to carry anything else but their own load.

Instead of one open space all around and a corner terrace, this unit is divided into a kitchen with a living area and a spacious bedroom with a sitting area. The unit fits 2-4 people easily on a 64 m2 space and it provides a stunning view over the rice fields–on clear days you can witness the sun rising behind Mount Agung. T

he surrounding garden system was designed and executed by True Nature Nusantara, a Bali-based regenerative landscape design consultancy that specializes in using permaculture design principles to create edible landscapes.

Their director, Bodhi Denton, said “The goal with this garden was to create a dreamy and wild labyrinth of low-maintenance and colorful perennial plants and trees, with hidden away places to sit and enjoy the view of the adjacent rice fields.” Source by Stilt Studios.

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