Bamboo Tower by UNSANGDON Architects

Bamboo Tower

The Bambu Tower, which is the headquarters of GL associates begins with a concept that combines ‘Space, Designer, Desired’, a space desired by designers.

Within the small site between the other buildings that are compactly arranged in the middle of Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, the most urban place in Seoul. At present, there are countless large and small offices and co-working spaces in Gangnam-gu.

We aimed to create a building that can exert a good influence on users by differentiating it from these buildings. Focusing on the placeness of various people gathering here, we thought deeply about forming a space by deriving the keyword ‘preference’.

Bamboo Tower is a result of these thoughts, and is a shared office where the Work Space, the occupant’s office, and Bamboo Collection, various convenience and cultural facilities, coexist. The spaces provided on each floor are flexible spaces that have considered the various work styles and lifestyles of the users. Source by UNSANGDON Architects.