HOOF by NEXT architects


HOOF means courtyard living (in Dutch hof), but on a certain height (hoogte). By stacking courtyards next to and on top of each other, collective living has literally been taken to new heights. At the same time, HOOF responds to the current needs of the Amsterdam housing market by offering unique apartments with various housing typologies, with a total of 255 homes.

The extraordinary layout, with space for diversity and collectivity, privacy and meeting, makes the living experience of HOOF unique. Amsterdam Sloterdijk is in transition. The former business district is rapidly changing into a lively, urban neighbourhood. Surrounded by a harbour, highway, and train station, developments in Sloterdijk are limited by noise pollution, shadow hours, and wind nuisance.

As a part of this neighbourhood transformation, HOOF offers apartments located on a green courtyard, with room for relaxation and informal meetings. The variety of housing typologies, combined with the informal meeting spaces, offer a welcoming home to various residents.

The public outdoor spaces connect residents and welcome visitors on different levels. In addition to the communal garden on the ground floor and the green roof terrace on top, an elevated courtyard has been added on the fourth floor.

The lifted courtyard has been specially designed to include and connect the residents and visitors from the apartments higher up, providing shared meeting points for everyone. Instead of building one large superblock, the complex will be divided into four separate residential structures.

Each with its own identity, but at the same time all connected by the recognizable red galleries. This layout creates open and airy apartment blocks, with plenty of space for sunlight and communal areas. The courtyard garden in the middle of the buildings acts as the green heart of the complex. Source by NEXT architects.

  • Location: Naritaweg Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Architect: NEXT architects
  • Project Team: Marijn Schenk, Michel Schreinemachers, Bart Reuser, Joost Lemmens, Mireia Martin, Malgorzata Kowalczak, Sonia Cunha, Karolina Bihun
  • Collaboration: Juurling en Geluk Landschapsarchitecten
  • Size: 17.500 m2
  • Preliminary Design: 2021
  • Images: Courtesy of NEXT architects