Chengdu Shimao Festival City by Aedas

Festival City

The Shimao Festival City is located in Longquanyi District in the southeast Chengdu. Named after the Longquan Mountain within the district, the area is surrounded by ecological parks, renowned farms, restaurants and resorts. Aedas Global Design Principal Kevin Wang says “we hope to retain a signature Chengdu laidback style and reflect local communities’ sentiments, distinguishing the plaza from rest of commercial complexes in the city.

The plot is in the shape of an irregular trapezoid, facing the street on both sides, and the team made a master plan for the entire plot. Divided into three parts, the east side of the plot is reserved for residential purposes, and the north and west are for retail use (the Festival City), along with multiple trails and public squares as connective elements.

The design is premised on the concept of “micro vacation”, committed to creating a unique shopping mall with the perfect integration of nature and humanity in the accelerating development of high-density cities. The design models on the terrain of the Longquan Mountains, and constructs an architectural outline that stretches into a sinuous belt. The form echoes nature and the project’s surroundings, and promotes a pleasant image.

Design concept sketching
To resolve the elevation difference between the north and the south of the plot, a multi-level entrance design is adopted to increase the commercial value while allowing visitor flow from different directions. Sprung from concept of “Treehouse Shelter”, the main entrance of the development is a gleaming.

An imposing cylindrical structure framed by a glazed curtain wall system, allowing for a transparent view of its interior. A unique wood structure stands at its core, hosting display areas on its leave-shaped platforms. Supported by LED screens and lighting systems, large-scale light shows can be hosted here, to the effect of creating an interactive experience for visitors.

Entrance atrium
The crown of the retail podium adopts a shell-glass skylight system to introduce natural light into the interior, breaking the space boundary between indoor and outdoor. The façade design is inspired by Sichuan’s traditional bamboo weaving craftsmanship, reimagining it with modern materials to present a unique and localised image.

Modern materials to reflect locality
In order to improve the accessibility between various formats, the design sets up public areas between volumes, and are connected seamlessly through green avenues. A series of outdoor spaces like rooftop plazas are installed, connected to each other by steps and slopes, echoing the Longquan Mountain.

A rich interactive space close to nature is formed, and the commercial interface is activated with ecological characteristics. “The Shimao Festival City is not merely a commercial complex, but a haven where you can slow down in a fast-paced city.” Aedas Executive Director Yao Chun Wen. Source by Aedas.

  • Location: Chengdu, China
  • Architect: Aedas
  • Directors: Kevin Wang (Global Design Principal), Yao Chun Wen (Executive Director), Ru Chun Xiong (Associate Director)
  • Client: Shanghai Shimao Commercial Investment Management Co., Ltd./Chengdu Shimao New City Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
  • Gross Floor Area: 141,706.17 sq m
  • Completion Year: 2021
  • Photographs: Courtesy of Aedas