QUAD studio wins competition for Chengdu NBD Centre

Chengdu NBD Centre

In September 2021, QUAD studio won one of the most iconic architectural competitions in Chengdu in that year, the Chengdu NBD Centre. In collaboration with Dalu Architecture, our design was chosen from a list of international architectural firms including; LAB, Stefano Boeri Architetti, Arup and Aedas.

The project consists of 4 office towers, a service apartment, and retail podium spanning across 2 sites. The mixed-use development stands at 120m high consisting of Twin office towers, Retail and Cultural facilities clustered around a multi-level of public realm.

Located close to Jiaozi Park, Guixi Ecological Park and the Jinjiang River, the Chengdu NBD Centre it is one of the first of many iconic projects in the Jiaozi Park business district and an important fulcrum of a world park like business district in Chengdu.

As an extension of the park into the development, our goal was to create a new Cultural Icon for Chengdu and a place of destination with a green low carbon public realm for the city.

The mixed-use development blurs the lines between Nature, Medical Industry, New media, Big Data and a new retail experience. These objects cluster together creating different functions and spaces.

The shifting and displacing of objects create openings within the object massing for media and nature insertion. The design breaks the solidified paradigm of closed big box commerce creating porosity between the building and the city.

The building develops a high-permeability for social interaction, while improving the accessibility and connections to the adjacent commercial streets.

Inspired by the next generation and their future lifestyle comprising of the influence of big data, we explored opportunities to create a series of immersive space for people to journey into the social interaction. Source by QUAD studio.

  • Location: Jiaozi Park, Chengdu, China
  • Architect: QUAD studio, Dalu Architecture
  • Environmental Design Consultant: Atelier 10
  • QUAD studio Design team: Kelvin Chu, Wai Tang, Adrian Pang, Eric Wen, Schnee Li, Yolanda Xian, Tim He, Jimmy Li, Marco Chui, Shizhao Li, Maggie Yang, Larry Liu, Bobo Chan and Francisco Barrera
  • Client: Chengdu Media Group
  • Area: 171,650m2
  • Year: 2021
  • Images: Courtesy of QUAD studio