The Vessel by QUAD

The Vessel

Wrapped in six petals signifying Golden Flowers of Sichuan wine, The Vessel, is shaped as a wine vessel, is one of the 12 design proposals for China International Wine Culture Museum located in Sichuan.

Surrounded by nature, The Vessel has a spectacular landscape of Dongshan and pavilions in the vicinity.

Covering an area of 24,940sqm, The Vessel consists an exhibition hall, tasting area and a restaurant, inspired by traditional Chinese Baijiu brewing process,

The interior space is designed and zoned with different functionalities to deliver a flawless experience of Chinese Baijiu to visitors. Source by QUAD.

  • Location: Yibin, China
  • Architect: QUAD studio
  • Design Team: Wai Tang, Kelvin Chu, Sean Leung, Diane Zhou, Adrian Pang, Peter Scott, Jack Zeng, Veronica Wong, Yolanda Xian, Paggie Yip, Sin Yee Wong, Ashley To, Wesley Fung, Sufat Su, Francisco Barrera
  • Chinese Wine Culture Consultant: TTS
  • Lighting Consultant: Tungsten Studio
  • Client: Yibin Science and Education Industry Investment Group Co., Ltd.
  • Area: 24,940 sqm
  • Images: SAN and QUAD, Courtesy of QUAD