MRG by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos


The project consists of the interior updating of an apartment in the center of the city of Valencia. We ordered the space looking for the continuity of the rooms, integrating the structural elements of the existing building within the divisions and the carpentry.

The plan is understood as three longitudinal bands that allow through ventilation. An area where you can work with generous natural lighting is incorporated into the main area of the house.

A system of sliding carpentry allows incorporating or dividing the kitchen space from the living room depending on the situation. A gym, a water area, a fireplace, a terrace facing south over the treetops of Gran Vía (the healthy biophilia).

In addition to various facilities give the apartment a level of comfort that sometimes you do not want to leave. The materiality of the intervention is conceived as a kind of epidermis that naturally incorporates everything necessary, the installations, the storage, leaving it hidden and protected.

It is made using natural materials that improve the conditions of the interior environment of the house, simplifying cleaning and maintenance.

The vertical walls and the ceiling in a 9016 tone encourage light to penetrate throughout the house, the wood on the floor along with other elements such as the artificial lighting provides the warmth that helps transform this space into perhaps more than just a house. Source by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos.

  • Location: Valencia, Spain
  • Architect: Fran Silvestre Arquitectos
  • Interior Design: Alfaro Hofmann
  • Project Architect: Fran Silvestre, Ricardo Candela, Carlos Lucas, Miguel Massa, Paco Chinesta
  • Collaborators: María Masià, Pablo Camarasa, Estefanía Soriano, Sevak Asatrián, Jose Manuel Arnao, Ángel Pérez, Andrea Baldo, Paloma Feng, Gino Brollo, Angelo Brollo, Javi Herrero, Bruno Mespulet, Sabrina D’amelio, Facundo Castro, Anna Alfanjarín, Laura Bueno, Toni Cremades, Uriel Tarragó, David Cirocchi, Gabriela Schinzel
  • Financial Manager: Ana de Pablo
  • Administration Department: Anna Llácer
  • Marketing and comunication Manager: Sara Atienza
  • Construction Company: AT4
  • Climate control: VRV MITSUBISHI
  • Mechanisms: Jung LS Zero
  • Lighting: Fossated in false ceiling. led linear luminaire
  • Heating: JAGA radiators
  • Year: 2021
  • Photographs: Jesús Orrico, Courtesy of Fran Silvestre Arquitectos