World Sport City by PALMA


World Sport City (WSC), a city that is being designed on the ocean, will become one of the world’s most resilient communities per the Paris accord of One Planet 2050. The total area of over 10 million square meters will include sports and recreation venues.

The future city’s ethos centres around social and environmental wellness. Its exact location is yet to be determined, with three different countries under consideration based on their ability to offer over eight months of sun for water sports each year.

PALMA, a Chicago based architectural firm, has been brought on board to design the city’s masterplan as well as some of its most iconic architecture, including what is anticipated to be the world’s next tallest most intelligent building.

Innovative sustainable passive principles, PALMA states, alongside reusable energies generated through water temperatures, sun, and wind, will play a big part of city’s DNA. The project aims to rethink the perception of zero carbon living and ways of operating both buildings and their infrastructure.

Palma said: “World Sport City is in the process of developing alongside Kalyon, one of the world’s most resilient and sustainable real estate developments, and is set to include the world’s first man-made megawave surfing beach.”

WSC will offer its users numerous active public spaces, including multiple sports and recreation venues, such as the world’s largest man-made wave generator for both professional and recreational surfers worldwide. Unique multi-layered landscapes including vertical farming will also play a big part in residents’ lives. Source by Kalyon Group and images Courtesy of ING Media.