Private Art Gallery by CHYBIK + KRISTOF

Private Art Gallery

Situated in the central point of the new public square, near the meandering river bank with access to the water, on the direct pedestrian axis connecting two natural dominants of the city, the gallery has a significant impact on the urban structure.

The newly applied function becomes the heart of the development profoundly respecting the local history. In the past, the area was known for mining, smelting, and minting. The proposed form follows the idea of vertical shafts plated with round copper facade segments.

Elevated volumes give way to the square and thus strongly connect the interior of the building with the public space. The gallery is situated on the edge of the green area, opening it formally like a gate. The rooftops are accessible allowing visitors to admire the surrounding landscapes.

Simplicity and subtleness of the circular exhibition spaces magnify the aesthetical capacity of the artworks. The skylights provide diffused, soft light to the exhibition rooms, which are supported by the side openings in the lower rooms.

The fluid form of the plan allows a flexible function distribution. The art spaces are seamlessly merging with the offices. Looped room connections naturally shape the clear transitions between the spaces.

Shimmering, movable copper elements supply dynamics to the facade. The choice of the material adds lively character to it – as material ages change its properties. Source by CHYBIK + KRISTOF.

  • Location: Banska Bystrica, Slovakia
  • Architect: CHYBIK + KRISTOF
  • Design Team: Ondřej Chybík, Michal Krištof, Peter Chaban Ján Kohút
  • Illustrations: Hanna Hajda
  • Interior render paintings: Rastislav Podoba
  • Size: 660 m2
  • Year: 2020
  • Images: monolot, Courtesy of CHYBIK + KRISTOF