Stone Island Store by OMA / AMO opens in Chicago

Stone Island

OMA / AMO partners with Stone Island to conceptualize a new identity for the Italian brand’s stores. Stone Island’s research and experimentation on design and product manipulation defines the new stores, which are also spaces to share its wealth of experiences with its communities.

The new store concept by OMA / AMO features altar-like spaces highlighting Stone Island’s devotion to technology and development, shared by its followers. Niches for archival pieces and prototypes – results of years of experimentation in Stone Island’s lab in their Ravarino headquarters – showcase past thinking and future ambitions about product design.

Beyond shop opening hours, the space will host public presentations, salons, workshops, and private events. The stores form a base for current and new customers, complementing the brand’s online presence. Stone Island’s approach in transforming materials from typical into unique inspires and informs the new stores’ architecture by OMA / AMO.

The stone-like palette of the spaces is formed with specially treated off-the-shelf materials – without actual concrete or stone. Shredded paper and resins are compressed under high pressure to become durable “concrete panels”.

Cork – the central material to the Stone Island stores – is burnt, sandblasted and coated, turning dark and textured, while maintaining its sound-absorbing, humiditycontrolling features. Corrugated steel panels, sand-coated, acquire a soft surface. A large digital chandelier, suspended from the ceiling, broadcasts Stone Island’s culture to its community.

The new concept debuted within a new, 180-square meter retail space for Stone Island in Chicago – the brand’s first in the city – which opened on Thursday, October 20, 2022, ahead of the future opening of locations in Seoul, Munich and Stockholm. Source by OMA / AMO.

  • Location: Chicago, USA
  • Architect: OMA / AMO
  • AMO Director: Samir Bantal
  • Project Leaders: Natalie Konopelski, Giulio Margheri, Mateusz Kiercz
  • Team Concept: Samir Bantal, Marina Bonet, Valerio Di Festa, Kael Fineout, Camille Filbien, Giulio Margheri, Mateusz Kiercz, Natalie Konopelski, Adam Kouki, Andrea Masini
  • Team Stores: Samir Bantal, Kael Fineout, Mateusz Kiercz, Andrea Masini, Giovanni Nembrini, Caterina Solini
  • Collaborators: Tim Hooijmans, Tim Teven Studio, Elvis Wesley, Studio Corkhino
  • Client: Stone Island
  • Area: 180-square meter
  • Year: 2022
  • Photographs: Marco Cappelletti, Courtesy of OMA