Dune House by Mobius Architekci

Dune House

The latest house of Mobius Architekci, located near Warsaw, is a residence open to the beauty of nature. Her bowed silhouette, like a harp, extends over the slope and reaches for the farthest perspectives of the winding river.

The picturesque view overlooking the vast Narew River, green meadows and surrounding forests from the hill creates a landscape of the place that determined the choice of the plot. A private investor decided here to realize the dream of a spacious and modern house. The architects inscribed the building in the slope of the area, drawing its line softly along the river.

In the project, the body of a large house of over 1,500 square meters took on the form of a fold of land inscribed in the slope of the slope and resembling a seaside dune. Hence, the building took its name – Dune, which in English means dune. However, its significance is much deeper, reaching the architect’s fascination with projects of impressive residences.

The house catches the light, but it also provides shelter from the burning sun, allowing you to stay indoors and outdoors without clear barriers and divisions. The same features build the character of the villa located on the hill of the Narew waterfront. You cannot see from the access road of the house. It is a common procedure used by Przemek Olczyk.

His houses are built with their users in mind and expose their architecture only to them, creating numerous understatements and secrets for their outsiders. Ensuring the intimacy of household members while being open and free of functional architecture is a frequent approach and feature of Przemek Olczyk’s projects.

The author of the concept has repeatedly proved that he feels good in designing large forms. They give me the freedom of dashes and allow me to speed up – points out Przemek Olczyk. This is also the case with Dune, whose architecture he clearly enjoyed, giving investors the opportunity to enjoy the forms every day.

The expansive object, which smoothly rises from the slope, inside the organically formed solid, undergoes defragmentation. Cubist forms, sharp lines, cut out the semi-open atrium, ensuring intimacy and letting light into smaller forms and rooms shaped in this way.

The arc of the block, which is a repetition of the bend of the river, on which the entire residence is spread, has gained a terrace of several hundred meters, covered over the entire length, which opens the house to the vast landscape.

This is particularly evident in the drone images. Dune evokes futuristic images, although it goes back to minimalism, which Mobius has used for years. The building from the perspective of the river seems to be a monolith. Balanced and complete space is also the effect of the materials used.

White plasters and stone quartz sinters give the building timeless elegance. The minimalism of detail adheres to the idea of “less means more”. Looking at the house from the river side, in its right part the architect located the bedrooms; in the middle there is a living room with a kitchen, and in the left a recreational zone.

In the rightmost corner there is an office. According to the investor’s wishes, it is the best viewpoint of the house and reaches for the horizon of the Narew winding down. Also noteworthy is a glazed, rectangular box placed on the roof of a single storey, sprawling body.
Like a periscope, it allows you to reach over the crowns of the surrounding trees.

The house has two swimming pools, including one indoor pool and two helipads, a 300-metre running path and a mobile platform that allows for free communication with the foot of the hill. Many elements of the house are automated, which in connection with innovative technological solutions has a direct impact on the comfort of the apartment. Source by Mobius Architekci.