ACPV ARCHITECTS reveals interior design for BEEAH Headquarters

BEEAH Headquarters

Following a holistic and human-centric vision for interior design that fosters personal well-being, ACPV ARCHITECTS’ project for the new office building features custom-designed furniture that responds to the day-to-day needs of people working on the premises and complements the building’s distinctive architectural design by Zaha Hadid Architects.

Beyond the open-plan office spaces, ACPV ARCHITECTS selected and arranged the furniture in the meeting places, in the cafeteria, and the executive suites of BEEAH’s new HQ. BEEAH’s vision, paired with ACPV ARCHITECTS’ tailor-made approach and meticulous attention to detail, led to the design of flexible, custom-designed workstations that can be adapted to the needs and comfort of
their users.

The desks feature subtle cable management and innovative solutions, such as textured soundabsorbing panels, and adjustable desk height regulated with a sleek control panel that integrates seamlessly with the workstation’s design. The design creates a versatile and pleasant office space where people can adapt their desks to their own preferences, including raising their desks to work standing up.

“Innovation is in the details – in the design of the particular elements of the furniture for BEEAH headquarters. While most often furniture can be customized in color and in materials.

In this case, the office desks are custom-designed down to the smallest detail in a way that allows workers to adjust the furniture features to their own specific needs,” architect Antonio Citterio, Chairman of ACPV ARCHITECTS, says.

“Our interior design adds a new layer of benefits to the overall functioning of the new headquarters. The custom-designed furniture within the interiors improves physical conditions and personal well-being to a great extent,” architect Patricia Viel, CEO of ACPV ARCHITECTS, says.

“The building is not only sustainable and digitally enabled, but it also achieves an unparalleled environment for employee comfort and productivity. It demonstrates that, by adopting future-ready systems, we can achieve environmental targets and improve quality of life at the same time,” Khaled Al Huraimel, Group CEO of BEEAH Group, says.

With a unique design for its drawers and materials, the custom-designed office desk manufactured by UniFor comprises sound-absorbing panels as well as charging outlets that support multiple types of personal devices. Through an ergonomic design that responds to a range of needs, the desk becomes a tranquil and efficient means of work embedded in the office space.

“For the interiors of BEEAH headquarters, we selected sustainable furniture and finishes that respond to the highest sustainability standards laid out by LEED and WELL certifications, and by the Cradle-to-Cradle criteria for the entire life-cycle of the furniture.

We chose Antonio Citterio’s design for the ID Chair by Vitra, which brings numerous health benefits to workers by encouraging the use of core muscles in the body, and the custom-designed desks by UniFor that allows for maximum flexibility at work,” Francesca Carlino, ACPV ARCHITECTS’ partner-in-charge of the project, says.

The interior design brought to life by the workstations in the BEEAH Headquarters is an exercise in tuning the finest details of the work environment to employees’ needs in a sustainable way, by employing state-of-theart building technologies.

The project is embedded in BEEAH’s forward-thinking and innovative approach to sustainability and digitalization, and in ACPV ARCHITECTS’ experience in the design of interior spaces and custom-designed furniture. Source by ACPV ARCHITECTS.