Beach Resort Villa by 123DV

Beach Resort Villa

Design for a private villa that feels like a luxurious beach resort retreat, consisting of several pavilions with space to relax, work, sleep and practice sports and yoga.

All pavilions are connected to a large sunny terrace with a swimming pool and a sunken shade garden. It is designed for great outdoor living and entertaining guests.

The Beach Resort Villa is located in a rural area and consists of multiple buildings forming a small resort-like community, almost like a small village.

Buildings and surrounding gardens combine to create a special, private environment for a family to live and work but also to have guests over and make them feel at home. The pavilions provide space to retreat and do your own thing.

The surrounding landscape blends with the different functions of the pavilions: the yoga studio pavilion for instance has an adjacent sunken zen garden to create a serene atmosphere, dedicated to quiet contemplative practices and the library is located in an enclosed, sunken room to provide a space for focus and concentration.

The shared spaces like living area and kitchen are easily accessible and set up to receive and entertain guests, comfortably moving from inside to the outside terrace depending on the weather or occasion.

The kitchen bar is always in sight, whether you are inside or outside and it can be a hot spot for guests – a place for family and friends to socialize.

The inside fireplace gives the living room a cozy warm atmosphere, whereas the outside fireplace will encourage guests to gather around outside, relax and enjoy the outdoors together.

The multiple pavilions concept is a configuration in which different activities, work or leisure, can take place simultaneously without interfering with each other, balancing private and shared space.

The interplay of sight lines provides opportunities to connect with your immediate surroundings or to ensure one’s privacy, as needed. Natural materials have been used, creating a warm feel despite the long sight lines and big surfaces. Source and images Courtesy of 123DV.