Huawei Whole-House Intelligence Experience Center by Foshan Topway Design


The Huawei Whole-House Intelligence Experience Center takes smart home, smart office and smart showroom as a medium, and highlights the ultimate pleasure that intelligent technology bring to future life by creating an immersive experience. AI technology gives humans “godlike” magic and all commands can be given digitally or by voice. The entrance foyer of the showroom takes “ray” as the source of inspiration.

The intertwined rays of light connect the virtual world with the real time and space, as if the light of civilization is projected from an alien world. The linear “universe” space is full of uncertainty and unpredictability, which the designers tried to present by means of technological installations. The design team created nine groups of acrylic screens in the entrance foyer and used them to reorganize the visitor circulation. A dense matrix of rays at different angles and densities are sculpted on the screens and projected by altering lights.

Light of the Temple, Realm of Space and Time
The arched structure and the neat arrangement of columns in the space generate a strong sense of order, as if it is a passage into the future. The reflective floor projects the arched space, blurring the boundary between reality and virtuality. On both sides of the arched passage are Huawei’s intelligent product display areas. The strong form and orderly arrangement of the arches enhance the sense of ritual when walking along the corridor, where the spiritual power of space is manifested.

Time Wormhole, Gazing at the Starry Sky
Opposite the elevator is Huawei’s intelligent office area. The barrel-shaped structure at the entrance divides the space into three parts. The inner and outer areas are separated by a cylinder structure, stimulating a sense of curiosity. When the face recognition on the wall activates, the curved glass door opens, leading to the central cylindrical space. With inside and outside, the curved and straight, motion and stillness interweaving, the space is given a certain degree of uncertainty.

Here, circles of different forms are connected in various ways, interlocking, suggesting a state of interconnectedness among all things. In the office area, two boxes form a mezzanine that not only improves the functionality of the space, but also contributes to its appeal. It seems as if a “parallel space” is added to the physical one. Here, light of different tones makes the space diverse, guiding the rhythm of the space, and creating rich emotions.

Futuristic brushed steel veneers and soft wood finishes are utilized for decoration, while the suspended ceiling is made of mirrored material, bringing an infinitely open vision and blurring the boundaries of space. The clean white tabletop and the white wall by the window make the space orderly, and the large floor-to-ceiling windows bring in beautiful natural landscape, where intelligent technology and nature complement each other.

Less is more. With the minimalist geometric lines, the space presents a powerful artistic expression of change and transformation. The technological, artistic aesthetics and the rich contemporary human life result in the dramatic tension of the space, which keeps expanding and guiding the transition and exploration in the space.

The Future Home Beyond Reality
Intelligent lighting is a combination of modern technology and aesthetics, a compromise between form and function, making technology change life in a more profound way. At the same time, the introduction of intelligent systems plays a role in the communication between people and space, which saves time and provides a pleasant experience beyond reality. The future home is a new way of life that integrates contemporary art and intelligent technology.

In the intelligence home experience area, the entrance space is crossed by two skyline lights. With a fascinating floating “mountain” installation, a blue abstract oil painting, and a beautiful angel boy sculpture, the design team hopes to convey the dialogue between man and nature, nature and art, and man and art, so as to endow the space with a contemporary artistic vibe and a free, natural aesthetic.The layered ceiling is like a vortex in the universe, or the orbits of planets in space, like the essence of life, which is an endless cycle.

The chandelier, resembling a spaceship, evokes the adventure of man to the distant cosmos to search for civilization. The living room equipped with intelligent system is no longer a mere meeting place, but can accommodate to multiple scenarios at the same time. Under the voice control command, a variety of life and entertainment scenes can be realized by the change of music and lighting, be it a family gathering or a private party with friends, not to mention the study mode, movie mode, siesta mode, and karaoke mode.

In the tea room, the ceiling and walls are made of delicate wooden panels and louvers, which are well matched with the micro cement-texture sintered stone slabs. Those materials, complemented by warm strip lighting, produce a serene Wabi-sabi atmosphere. The large sloping roof with hanging plants, the rustic tables and chairs, and the simulated intelligent skylight that sheds daylight, make it possible to enjoy a ray of sunlight no matter day or night, wind or rain, which is a gift from intelligent technology.

The dining room’s lighting can be customized in several modes, including a romantic Western dining mode, and a warm Chinese dining mode. The minimalist Western kitchen space features an open form. Soft ceiling lighting makes the space both gentle and rustic. The changeable lighting and music themes, together with the adjustable natural light create an immersive home experience. Huawei’s whole-house intelligence system is intended to endow space with more scenes, to incorporate warmth in winter, coolness in summer, sensitiveness in autumn and freshness in spring. Source by Foshan Topway Design.

  • Location: Guangdong, China
  • Architect: Foshan Topway Design
  • Chief designer: Wang Zhike, Li Xiaoshui
  • Design Team: Qiu Wenfeng, Su Jianming, Li Ziying, Zhou Shenghua, Deng Jianfeng
  • Decoration design: Yang Shiwei
  • Construction: Foshan Jihui Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • Custom woodwork: Muji Customization
  • Sintered stone: Inol
  • Wall cladding: Lansen
  • Area: 1,000 square meters
  • Completion time: Aug. 2022
  • Photographs: Ouyang Yun, Courtesy of Sunshine PR