Benthem Crouwel
The datacenter was officially opened, also known as AM3, is situated in the Amsterdam Science Park and includes an office and a data building. With no less than 150 networks it will be one of the leading network locations in Europe.

By taking its surroundings in consideration, being modern, functional, efficient, sustainable and open to its visitors and users, the datacenter will be exemplary within its branch. The datacenter will be one of the most sustainable buildings of its kind. The vast amount of heat that the machines in the datacenter emit, will be used very efficiently.
Benthem Crouwel
The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified building will use Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) in the ground to avoid mechanical cooling as much as possible. Excess heat shall be used to heat nearby buildings and will be available for other uses by third parties. A grass sedum vegetation roof will cover the datacenter.
Benthem Crouwel
This green roof acts as a water buffer and absorbs CO2, while it also is an additional insulation layer that will prevent the building from heating up. Driven by safety reasons all data floors and other components that are vital for the functioning of the building, are situated above Amsterdam Ordnance Datum.
Benthem Crouwel
Therefore the data building is lifted 4.2 meters above ground level, so all data is protected in case of flooding. The space in between is used for various logistic functions such as loading, unloading and storage. The office building comprises two mirroring and stacked L-shaped volumes.
Benthem Crouwel
The entrance and public functions are situated in the lower L-volume, which opens towards Science Park. The offices are situated in the upper L-volume. The space created between ground level and the upper L is surrounded by a glass front creating an atrium.
As a result the office building radiates transparency and openness when approached from the Science Park. An aerial walkway, that offers great views on the surrounding area, leads from the customer care rooms to the data rooms in the office building. The use of a double skin of neutral anodised aluminium wall cladding gives the data building a sense of depth.
Benthem Crouwel
The wall cladding of the office building will be darker in colour due to the black anodised aluminium used. By using light and dark blinds on the outside, the buildings get a distinctive character and fit in the development plan of the Amsterdam Science Park, because of their transparency. Description of Benthem Crouwel Architekte.

Location: Amsterdam, Holland
Architect: Benthem Crouwel Architekten
Area: 17.800 m²
Client: Equinix
Start construction: 2011
Completion: 2012

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