The city of 100 gardens. Ecomuseum of the Tricarico gardens

Ecomuseum of the Tricarico
Ecomuseum of the Tricarico
Master Plan

Tricarico is a place where the connection between context, knowledge and community has given shape to a landscape of great interest and extraordinary beauty. The “The City of 100 Gardens” project consists of two actions, a material one that includes landscape refurbishment and the introduction of new elements in the urban and gardens’s context and an intangible one, aimed at defining strategies for the participatory management of the spaces and knowledge.

Ecomuseum of the Tricarico
Image © Rabatanalab, Paesaggi Meridiani, Volumezero, dMake

The abandoned gardens will be transformed, thanks to special agreements with the owners, into community’s gardens and orchards, for the production according to traditional methods. The spaces that are cultivated, instead, through management protocols with the owners, will be cultivated with traditional techniques. Thus it will be possible to guarantee the correct use and care of terraced systems and of the water collection and distribution.

Ecomuseum of the Tricarico

A network of paths will allow exploration of periurban gardens/gardens. Some paths also penetrate the inhabited area, meeting other gardens and small public spaces reactivated with light and low-cost interventions. The paths connect the area of the gardens to the west of the town and that of the olive groves/orchards to the east, where the Parco del Vescovado and the Saracena park are located.

Ecomuseum of the Tricarico
Scheme Diffuse Interventions

From the marginal paths inside the town, different access points lead directly into the gardens, in the Park and in the gardens, and provide an unprecedented experience of Tricarico, the City of the Hundred Gardens. A fundamental element is the setting-up of an Ecomuseum, for the mapping of environmental heritage, the gathering of knowledge and the community management of spaces and knowledge constituting the Tricarico landscape. Source by Rabatanalab, Paesaggi Meridiani, Volumezero, dMake.

Ecomuseum of the Tricarico
Systems Diagram
  • Location: Tricarico, Italy
  • Architect: Rabatanalab, Paesaggi Meridiani, Volumezero, dMake
  • Project Team: Daniele Molinari, Rocco Salomone, Antonio Graziadei, Gerardo Sassano, Giorgia Botonico, Giuseppe D’Emilio
  • Collaborators: Donato Montesano, Danilo Loffreno
  • Client: Municipality of Tricarico
  • Status: Periferie Urbane 2017 – Second Classified in International competition
  • Year: 2017
  • Images: Courtesy of Rabatanalab
Ecomuseum of the Tricarico
Garden System
Ecomuseum of the Tricarico
Ecomuseum of the Tricarico
Educational Garden
Ecomuseum of the Tricarico
Garden Phenology

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