The Lake House by NR Elhadedy

Lake House

The house is a privet property located in Turkey .Overlooking a peaceful lake and surrounded by a beautiful view of the mountains.
Although this house intended to start as a simple form of a tradition rectangular summer house, the location and the beauty of the nature surrounding the house, made it almost impossible to go traditional, so instead.

We wanted the house to stand near the lake while reflecting the sharpness of mountains and the beautiful movement flow of birds, both externally and internally. The from intended to give a sense that the house is about to take off and fly, for that, we used the two side triangular and rotated them in 2d then twisted them in the opposite direction in 3d which makes it look very dynamic and emphases on the sense of movement.

The house is built on 150 sqm. , and it consists of four floors, the ground is a formal setting area, while the first and second contain the bedrooms the internal garden and family living area., the roof is a recreational zone with an open view of the surroundings in which we placed a horizon pool.

The form composing helped us create a unique and beautiful internal spaces, both selling walls and edges are always moving inside out and the movement sensation will maintain its strong appearance thorough out the internal spaces. Source and images Courtesy of NR Elhadedy.

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